Personal work


Even though I chose to specialize in lifestyle portrait photography, nature and landscapes still remain my passion.

I have always enjoyed being out and watching the world around me. Growing up in a tiny country covered in northern forests I came to appreciate the greys and the greens, as well as get insanely amazed by vivid colours of spring when nature is in its glory.

Until the age of 20, when I decided to move to London, I had no clue what big cities were like. In my experience, our capital Riga was a huge city. Now I think of it as quiet and relaxed. I mean, there’s never crowds out on the streets, unless there’s a big event happening. In London I had to really try to find a quiet street. Back home I could lift my head and see the vastness of the sky while still out on the city streets, in London the sky was cut into strips by the rows and rows of houses. That’s when I realized how much I love natural world, what harmony it brings into my thought crowded head and how much I need space , both around me and in my head. I suppose that is why I like to use negative space, even my cityscapes look a bit empty, I try to find that bit of freedom and invite the viewer to enjoy some peace.

Hope this gallery brings you a bit of calmness and harmony!

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