Michael & Marta

Family, Newborn Photography

While the gallery is on it’s way to this gorgeous family, here are some of my favourites from my latest photo shoot…



Newborn Photography

Beautiful little baby girl I had pleasure of photographing before our holiday, wonder how much she has grown since, how much of her personality is now shining thorough…


Newborn Photography

This is my little inspiration…this is my little man who made me feel incredibly creative and alive while expecting him to come into this world.

For a while I wanted those perfectly posed newborn photos of a tiny human wrapped into something pretty sleeping in a basket. But then I’ve realized that I’d much rather have  photos of real moments, of real smiles, sleepy faces, crying faces… I wanted photos of him and his personality, and since just like everyone else he’s unique, so should be his photos – spontaneous, not posed, not planned, just a true representation of him. And this cheeky monkey has had a lot of character since day one… and it’s only getting better…=)))

Meet Liev…